About Us

Myan-African Charity House is a small Christian nonprofit charity founded in 2007 in Kelowna, BC with five directors wanting to promote charitable  activities in some third world countries.  For example: Thailand, Tanzania, etc.

MACH’s activities consist of assistance to aid in diverse needs towards orphans, widows and poor families.  We strive to provide some funding  to  promote better nutrition, health care, education and religious education in whatever age groups this is required in plus providing safe and adequate lodging and cooking facilities at orphanages .

Our funds are raised here locally and funds are then sent to the areas of need though  local missionary headquarters.   They plan their projects that we look at to ensure a real need and meet our criteria. Then they follow our instructions of use and provide statements of assessment & success on all finished projects.

Board of Directors

  • Lorie Downey
  • Kathie Lupino
  • Wendy Gordon
  • Lorie-Anne Samoisette
  • Flo Wood