Project countries: Thailand, Burma, Tanzania & India.

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2016 Ongoing Projects
Flooding in the Chin Hills in Burma

These pictures are from the ongoing flooding in the Chin Hills in Burma. Over  100 people have died, 9000 houses  and all rice supplies and rice paddies have been lost.

We have two friends working there trying to do clean up and provide what relief they can obtain.  Some funds have been sent but more are needed.  We are hoping people will come to give these poor people a hand.  They have lost what little they had.

 IMG_1726 IMG_1728 IMG_1731 IMG_1735 IMG_1736

Cino’s Dream Kindergarten School

Update, Nov 2016: The school is now finished and some 20 students are attending.  Funds are still needed for school materials like books, devel
opment programs and so on.

Water Pipe Installation Village of Pan Hok, Burma
Cost  $2000 – CompletedThanksgiving letter 012In May we completed the water pipe installation from the mountain top to the village of Pan Hok, Burma. This purchased the pipes that the local men took up the mountain and installed. There is 22 families living in this northern community and had only one small well for drinking water.  Now that the water is flowing they set up two big tanks to save and store the water avoiding any waste.  They were thrilled to finally have good water for everyone in the village.Water tank Pan Hok20150221161555Water system 002